RECs to the Rescue

Greenwave is dedicated to providing Californians with as many green-energy options as we can. Ideally, we’d all have solar panels on our roof, or some other renewable resource into which we could directly plug our utility meters.

But that’s not always possible. And given the nature of electricity generation and storage, “real” green power is nearly impossible to deliver directly to those who want it.

When you flip the switch, all electricity is the same. Energy produced by renewable sources is sent into the power grid where it mixes with electricity generated by conventional, fossil-fuel sources. There’s no way to separate the “green” electrons from the “brown” ones.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are financial instruments through which consumers can “green” their electricity use, no matter where they live.

Choose your REC After You Choose a Natural Gas Plan

Greenwave REC

$ 5.00

Per Month

The RECs provide an exchange program that balances renewable energy production with renewable energy usage. Here’s how it works: Renewable-energy generators create one REC for every megawatt hour of electricity they produce and place on the grid. That certificate can be sold to any customer, and the holder can claim the benefits of that green energy production, even though the actual power they consume is undoubtedly a mix of renewable and conventional sources.

So the REC isn’t the green power, necessarily, but a certified representation of it. The power of the purchase is the same.

Purchasing RECs to correspond to your monthly electricity usage directly supports renewable energy projects, driving increased production and innovation.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Greenwave Energy is proud to partner with green energy providers to offer certified RECs to residential and commercial customers in California.

Choose a plan that fits your consumption. Greenwave Energy will purchase the RECs on your behalf, and ensure they are matched to renewable energy consumption, essentially offsetting the carbon use of your home or business.

RECs are available only as an add-on with your green natural gas service. It will appear as a line item on your PG&E bill.