Renewabes Boom in Unexpected Places

According to public polling, not to mention electoral results, Kansas is one of the most conservative states in the country. Yet Kansas has had an odd relationship with green energy. The state passed a renewable portfolio standard in 2009 that said the state should use 20 percent renewable electricity by 2020. The law was passed under a Democratic governor, Kathleen Sebelius. That law was scrapped in 2014 after the Tea Party wave swept Republicans into power, but by then it was already becoming irrelevant. The conservatives in power by that time lamented government interference in the market, but with or without the government, renewables have continued to grow.

The New York Times pointed out on June 6 that Kansas was flirting with getting more than 30 percent of its electricity from wind, and it may be the first state in the county to hit 50 percent renewables. In fact, the leading five states for wind generation as a percentage of total electricity are all conservative: Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and North Dakota. Texas, also a very conservative state (and perhaps the oil capital of the world), generates the most wind power in absolute terms.

Conservatives in these states rarely tout wind’s environmental benefits. Instead, they talk about green electricity as an economic engine that provides a source of electricity whose price does not fluctuate with fuel prices. Maybe, some environmentalists say, the way to more growth in green energy is a focus on job creation. Green energy is booming, particularly wind, but it is under threat from a federal government that is moving away from supporting renewables. One example of a new approach is California setting up a power line link to Wyoming so that abundant wind energy can be sent from that conservative state (making it money) to the liberal state (that needs to meet renewable goals).

At Greenwave Energy, we believe that green energy initiatives should be a non-partisan issue. Benefits include energy independence, American jobs and a cleaner planet. Thanks to our customers in California who share our vision. By choosing carbon-offset natural gas and Renewable Energy Certificates, they’re turning their homes into zero-emission vehicles!