A Cleaner Gas Solution

Greenwave is Always 5 Percent LessGreenwave Energy’s natural gas products include full carbon offsets that balance the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your home’s natural gas use. Switching to Greenwave helps reduce your environmental impact and makes you a good steward of the planet.

Greenwave Energy sets our natural gas rates 5% below PG&E’s projected gas cost in any given month. Like the utility, our rate varies monthly, so it can rise and fall with market factors. The initial contract term is 12 months.

The environmental benefits of 100% carbon offsets are included in the gas cost, and a monthly Green Fee of $9.95 allows us to keep our competitive prices. Compared to the utility, you’ll pay about $0.30 more per day toward a healthier planet. We think that’s a pretty good investment.


The above supply charges will appear as a line item on your PG&E bill. Utility delivery charges still apply. Click here for full Terms and Conditions.