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The planet is changing, and so must our attitudes toward energy consumption.


Proactive Solutions

Rooftop solar is cool. Green gas burns cleaner. Electricity goes green. Which will you choose?


Energy’s New Wave

Greenwave Energy is dedicated to providing Californians with renewable energy solutions.

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Cleaner Energy

Ride the Greenwave

Greenwave Energy is an energy company designed for a changing world. To protect our breathable future, we must all think differently about our energy consumption and lean forward into conservation and lower carbon emissions.

We offer like-minded consumers a variety of ways to make a difference by choosing renewable energy and carbon offset natural gas. Together we can ensure a cleaner future and reshape our national energy policy.

Do your part. Ride the Greenwave.

Solar Energy

Rooftop solar installations provide cheaper, cleaner energy for your home. Its time has come.

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Natural Gas

Match carbon offsets to the greenhouse gas emissions from your natural gas consumption.

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Wind Power

Renewable Energy Certificates can “green up” your conventional electricity use and promote growth.

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The Greenwave Impact

Your retail energy choices are making a positive impact toward a healthier planet. As of 2017, Greenwave Energy and its customers had offset 20,705 metric tons of CO2 emissions and 61.6 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.

That’s the equivalent of:


Ride the Greenwave

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